Software for therapists Jade Autism to be used in Abu Dhabi


The startup Jade Autism, led by Espírito Santo CEO Ronaldo Cohim, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, chosen by Hub 71 in Abu Dhabi to start its activities in the international territory.

Created in the state of Espirito Santo, the company’s activities focused on creating games that help treat children with cognitive disabilities such as autism. Motivated by his son Lucas, diagnosed at the age of 2 with high functionality autism, the Jade Autism app has already received several national awards.

“We were chosen by Hub71 in Abu Dhabi to take Jade to that region. We are happy to see the internationalization of our application”, says Ronaldo Cohin

Used by more than 70,000 children and health institutions like APAE, as a complement to their regular therapy with their patients, the software now also be implemented in the United Arab Emirates.



The app helps to improve development, increase knowledge and thus develop cognitive skills. In addition to helping in problem solving, in the use of strategic thoughts and in decision making, it can serve as a mediator in the process of learning skills and abilities such as attention and logical reasoning, assisting professionals and parents in the treatment.

Within each category, activities are divided into levels of difficulty where each phase is only unlocked according to the child’s performance, following the natural flow of learning, respecting the pace and individuality of each one.

The exercises stimulate and teach children:

  • Simple Associations – for error-free learning
  • Peer Association – for the development and reinforcement of user ATTENTION
  • Complete figures – to stimulate visuospatial reasoning and recognition of fundamental elements of objects
  • Shape Recognition – to stimulate the user’s visual perception, teaching the user to interpret shapes
  • Reasoning and conceptualization – for children to learn to understand patterns, stimulate their non-verbal logical thinking and have the ability to integrate and synthesize visual information
  • Sound Analysis – to stimulate the auditory memory, teaching the child to classify information through sound stimuli
  • Mental Flexibility – encourages reading and counting units, also generating and recognizing alternative solutions




The science behind JADE comes from the technologies produced by Applied Behavior Analysis, currently considered to have the most scientific production and with the strongest evidence for the treatment of autism.



  • Simple touch mechanism, facilitating the child’s understanding
  • It has different thematic fields separated by categories: Food, Animals, Colors, Shapes, Letters and Numbers allowing children to learn while having fun
  • Available in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Developed with the assistance and monitoring of specialized professionals and scientific basis
  • Jade Autism has a subscription service that gives access to your child’s performance reports. Based on the use of the user, it is possible to identify their difficulties, developments and learnings, information of the utmost importance to guide parents and guardians on how to help their children with the autistic spectrum


Jade is a software for therapists that analyzes the behavior of children with the autistic spectrum, subsequently generating reports and graphs of prognosis.

With these data and graphs, therapists, psychologists and other specialized professionals are more practical and agile when analyzing the responses of the apprentices, enabling new measures to be taken from the data analysis.

The analyzes are quantitative and qualitative indicate: 

  • Improvement or decline of the child’s performance in general
  • Assess your impulsivity
  • Allows you to assess motivation and resilience
  • Motor movement and avoidance
  • Mapping difficulties and monitoring progress

Among other analyzes.

To download the application click HERE, more information about the software for therapists please contact via email

Reference: Article from the newspaper GAZETA.

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