Signs of Autism: How to Identify?

Sinais do autismo: como identificar?


The first signs of Autistic Spectrum Disorder usually appear in the early years of a child’s life. Paying attention to these signs facilitates early diagnosis, which aids in the child’s development.


Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is commonly identified by doctors in the first three years of a child’s life. It is during this time that the first signs usually appear to be detected by parents. It is recommended that adults responsible for the child seek help as soon as possible. Earlier the disorder is diagnosed, the greater the likelihood of symptoms being minimized.

Thus, even if the first signs of ASD appear in the early years of life, there are cases in which the diagnosis is made much later. This is because some symptoms appear subtly, which hinders the perception of adults. The milder autism is, the harder it is to diagnose. Therefore, responsible adults should pay close attention to the signs.

Sinais do autismo: como identificar?

But what are the signs of TEA?

According to the US National Autism Association, there are four main characteristics that indicate the possibility of children having ASD: difficulty with social interactions; cognitive impairment; difficulty of communication; and repetitive behaviors. In the child’s daily life, it is possible to perceive actions that point to these behavioral deviations. Some examples are:

• Difficulty establishing eye contact. The look is extremely important to demonstrate the maternal bond. For example, one must be aware that a child does not connect by looking at the mother while breastfeeding.
• Difficulty in establishing physical contact. From the age of 8 months, the child tends to wonder who is not familiar with them, showing discomfort. If the child behaves differently, it is better to be suspicious.
• Delay in speech onset. Generally, a one and a half year old child can already pronounce around 6 to 10 words.
• Difficulties playing: This is a sign of ASD when the child shows no interest in playing with other children the same age as her.
• Hypersensitivity, fear or irritability to certain sounds. Children with ASD tend to have sensory sensitivity, which causes excessive strangeness with unfamiliar sounds, textures and flavors.

Professional Accompaniment

The child does not have to have all the signs to be diagnosed with ASD. Not all will exhibit the same characteristics due to the amplitude of the spectrum. There are milder cases where children do not have many symptoms and therefore can be more independent. In the most severe cases, the autistic may manifest total absence of speech and great dependence to perform simple tasks.
However, regardless of the degree of the disorder, the child must be accompanied by specialized professionals. At the first sign of suspicion, parents should take the child to a pediatrician and psychologist to confirm the diagnosis.

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