Medicines for Autistic Children and the Danger of MMS

A very common question among lay people is: is there a medicine for autistic that can “cure”? The answer is no. Autism has no definitive cure. However, symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can treated with medications.

However, this should only done through the referral and follow-up of a health professional. Usually, this work is under the responsibility of neuropediatricians. They should evaluate the symptoms and prescribe the appropriate medicine for autistic.

Next, parents of an autistic child should be aware that prescription drugs do not cure the disorder, but lessen the symptoms, which ensures the child’s well-being. Importantly, drug treatment should not done in isolation. Other professionals such as physical therapists, psychologists and pediatricians, among others, must also accompany the child.

Medicines minimize symptoms

Medicine for autistic are important in stimulating essential characteristics for the child’s development. Due to the common characteristics of autism, such as difficulty in communication and repetitive behaviors, doctors often indicate medications that work on these symptoms. It is also common to prescribe drugs to reduce irritability, for example.

Although the use of medications to treat autism is common, some parents still feel afraid about it. Thus, it is essential that both parents and children establish a periodic relationship with the doctor. Visits and follow-up should be constant so that the doctor can assess whether the drug is appropriate for that patient.

Nurse administering medication to an autistic child
Nurse administering medication to an autistic child

The danger of MMS

Some time ago, information began to circulate on social networks there is a miracle chemical solution that could cure autism. MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution term) is a chemical mixture based on sodium chloride and citric acid that results in chlorine dioxide. It is a bleach used in the industry for bleaching wood.

Thus, the explanation given by MMS advocates is that the mixture would be able to cleanse the body by eliminating bacteria and heavy metals that would be the cause of the disorder. The substance has banned in Brazil since 2018.

There is no miracle medicine!

The idea that MMS could “cure” autism was first disseminate in 1996. At the time, American Jim Humble claimed to have cured several people using the miracle cure. On social networks, people who used the solution on their children claimed that the drug had an effect because it was able to expel bacteria from the child’s body.

However, doctors warn that MMS, when administered rectally, causes a flaking of the intestinal mucous. These expelled organ fragments used as arguments that the remedy works. However, it is a dangerous substance, without scientific validation.

Thus, it is important to note that autism presents at different levels in people. Therefore, generalizations of treatment should excluded. Doctors must adhere to each patient’s symptoms so that medication is prescribed more efficiently. Therefore, there no miracle drug that can cure all symptoms and characteristics of autism.

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